Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers is an odd sort of book. It’s primary focus could I guess be considered sociology(?) but ultimately I found it to be a fairly motivational read. In a somewhat unconventional way. It’s about people who don’t necessarily align with the system or its expectations. At the same time, it’s about what factors can set a person up to be successful in their respective fields — from tech giants to hockey players.

Malcolm Gladwell is a pretty well-known author and speaker. He’s worked for the New Yorker since 1996 and was appointed to the Order of Canada in 2011. Each of his five books has made their way onto the New York Times bestseller list and each holds some ties to sociology and/or psychology. He’s a great author and a really thorough storyteller which makes his writing (and his podcast) insightful and enriching.

I truly loved this book. All in all, it probably took me a week to read it but I took a bit of break while I was finishing up one of my summer classes. That was about a month ago and I’ve recommended it to a countless number of people since. If you haven’t heard of Malcolm Gladwell or read any of his books, you should. He’s one of the few modern authors whose writing I think makes people better people.

Finding authors as skillful as Malcolm is difficult, which authors have you felt made the greatest impression on you? Let me know at hollyandoates@gmail.com or in the comments below.




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