The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

50 years of an iconic classic! This international bestseller and inspiration for a beloved movie is a heroic story of friendship and belonging.

No one ever said life was easy. But Ponyboy is pretty sure that he’s got things figured out. He knows that he can count on his brothers, Darry and Sodapop. And he knows that he can count on his friends – true friends who would do anything for him, like Johnny and Two-Bit. But not on much else besides trouble with the Socs, a vicious gang of rich kids whose idea of a good time is beating up on “greasers” like Ponyboy. At least he knows what to expect – until the night someone takes things too far.

The Outsiders is a dramatic and enduring work of fiction that laid the groundwork for the YA genre. S.E. Hinton’s classic story of a boy who finds himself on the outskirts of regular society remains as powerful today as it was the day it was first published.

I remember reading The Outsiders in middle school and liking it okay but being more enthralled by the three days we spent watching the movie in class. It’s a good story that I’ve never heard anyone speak bad about.

When I reread it recently, I noticed that a lot of the points I was so excited over as a teenager who had something I could sort-of-kind-of relate to have been replaced with a bittersweet nostalgia. Nostalgia for times when I actually though my minuscule problems were so severe that I thought I could relate to a few boys running for their lives after committing a violent crime (in self-defense).

I still love the book but I think now I love it because of how it showed me that I’ve grown up – at least a little bit.

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