The Buddha Walks Into a Bar by Lodro Rinzler

“This isn’t your grandmother’s book on meditation. It’s about integrating that “spiritual practice” thing into a life that includes beer, sex, and a boss who doesn’t understand you. It’s about making a difference in yourself and making a difference in your world—whether you’ve got everything figured out yet or not. Lodro Rinzler is a bright and funny young teacher with a knack for showing how the Buddhist teachings can have a positive impact on every little nook and cranny of your life—whether you’re interested in being a Buddhist or not.”

The Buddha Walks into a Bar was eye-opening to me. For me, it described a variety of thoughts and feelings that I’ve had myself but offers practices to approach those thoughts and feelings that I’ve never thought of before.

I’m a fairly emotional person and I’ve struggled with handling my feelings well as I’ve gotten older. I think this comes from the idea that as we get older and enter into professional spaces, we’re supposed to be more mature with our feelings. As someone who believes you should always be straightforward with how you feel. The Buddha Walks Into a Bar does a great job of explaining how these feelings aren’t wrong nor bad (nor good) – they’re just feelings that I (and I’m sure many other people) could have a healthier approach towards.

I also love that anyone can adopt these wellness practices into their own everyday lives. Regardless of religious background or current faith, the contents of this book aren’t challenging the notions we have on our world and what it means to be a good person in it. I can’t say that these practices have changed my life – I haven’t adopted them fully or for long enough to know, but I am very interested to find out.

I will 100% be picking up everything else Rinzler has written.

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