Followers by Megan Angelo

Followers was great. However, it was the WORST book to read on a tablet. Without giving too much away, the book’s underlying plot revolves around screens ruining our health – like in a really awful way.

I definitely think you can tell that Followers is Angelo’s first novel when you’re reading it. There are elements that don’t flow as well and parts that seem lifted but that’s not abnormal for first-time writers.

The story is interesting. I can’t say it’s amazing or the best I’ve ever read but I don’t regret the time I put into it. Honestly, I think its level of entertainment is pretty much reflective of the kind of content that is scrutinized (?) throughout the book. I couldn’t relate to (or tolerate) half of the characters and I didn’t feel gripped until I was three-quarters of the way through the book. I’m not sure if that was intentional or not but I like the ambiguity in Angelo’s intent. Some points cut right through and stand out in bold – i.e. our bizarre culture around social media and influencers – while others are a little more convoluted – i.e. the importance of family and honest relationships – that might just be coming from my desire to see something deeper in a story that could be read very shallow or far too deep.

It’s not one I’d pass to all of my friends or rave about. I think it’s a story that would be better told on screen or maybe one that I’d rather read on a beach in the summer. Light content, easy to follow, and mildly entertaining.

I’m curious if anyone who’s read it got a different feel from it. Let me know in the comments, via e-mail (, or on social media – always, @hollyandoates.

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