This Fight Is Our Fight by Elizabeth Warren

Last week, I posted a review of Pete Buttigieg’s Shortest Way Home and I will start by saying that I think I should have read his last because it was a lot easier to get through than this one. This means that I will be comparing all the other ones I’m reading before Super Tuesday to Pete’s and it is 100% going to affect how I perceive them.

Elizabeth Warren’s This Fight Is Our Fight is interesting and I think that, on the whole, she’s right about a lot of things. Still, it was a dense read for me and she is an all-out-there woman. I think this is fantastic for our Congress – we need people with out-there ideas and moral-based drives if we want to have a legislature that is capable of finding innovative solutions to our country’s problems. How that mentality would translate to the presidency is shaky to me though.

If you love this woman, this book will make you love her more. If you don’t agree with her, then at least you’ll understand where she’s coming from and can make better arguments for your own opinions and ideas. If you are completely apathetic about her, maybe this book will tell you which camp you fall into. If you are completely apathetic about politics, it’s just not for you.

Since talking about politics can spark a lot of flames, I encourage anyone who wants to talk about their thoughts with me to send an e-mail to or message me on social media, always: @hollyandoates.

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