Long Bright River by Liz Moore

Long Bright River is not like the other crime/detective novels I’ve read. I guess it’s not really a detective novel at all. The main character, Mick, is a beat cop but there’s still a detective-style solution to nearly every circumstance that arises.

I can’t say that I loved it. Moore’s writing style is unique and while that was refreshing in a played-out genre, it also made some parts harder to follow. The story itself is generally good but there were bits and pieces that didn’t add up and some plot holes that I couldn’t find a resolution to. There were also parts of the book that I had more personal issues with; admittedly, they didn’t keep me from flying through it and discussing them here would mean a lot of spoilers. (If you’ve read it already and want to hear more, reach out to me on social media – always, @hollyandoates – or send an e-mail to hollyandoates@gmail.com).

I did like the emotional honesty in Mick. It brought a special authenticity to the story and its characters that is usually lost in other books. Still, I wish it had less of an “everyone’s a bad guy” vibe but that was probably the worldview Moore was trying to paint for her readers.

Finally, I wish the ending made me happier. To be fair, it was about as happy an ending as it could have been – and maybe happier is not the right word. I wish it left me satisfied. But I can’t say it did.

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