The Cannabis Craze by Marc Aronoff

The Cannabis Craze offers the fundamentals of marijuana use with the hopes that adults and teenagers alike will be able to practice harm reduction and avoid addiction. While it doesn’t present any groundbreaking research or discoveries – nor is it inherently interesting (responsible drug use rarely is) – it does offer simply-stated conclusions about responsible marijuana use.

It is short and easy to read which is perfect for its audience. Additionally, the proposals throughout the book don’t come across as preachy or condescending. The message is clear that the reader has the individual will to make their own choices but should take the initiative to educate themselves on the varied effects and consequences marijuana use can have before making their decision.

The Cannabis Craze comes out today, April 9th; but you can get the ebook now on Amazon. It’s worth the hour read for anybody interested in knowing more about the ever-growing field of marijuana.

I was able to write this review through Reedsy Discovery. For the full Reedsy review and additional opportunities to support me, click here. Cheers!

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