Blitzed by Norman Ohler

I picked this book up at random and I’m not ashamed to admit that my motivation was solely driven by the word “drugs” and the cut-off picture of Adolf Hitler’s terrible hairstyle. What I found inside was an amazing read.

Like many Americans born after 1945, I grew up with a rose-tinted idea of World War II. We, the magnificent US of A, the best nation of our times, in all our star-spangled greatness kicked the Axis asses in one of the darkest times and most violent battles on human history. Of course, as I grew older I learned a lot more about what this terrible event really meant to the people who had lived through it. I was made aware of my country’s late arrival to the battle and the many sacrifices and tales of heroism that had been endured long before any attack had been laid on Pearl Harbor.

Blitzed educated me on the other side of this momentous point in history. The Nazi Regimes weren’t just the bad guys. Hitler and his honest supporters had a vision for their country and our world that went far beyond exterminating an entire race of people. The erratic behavior and horrible concepts that came out of the Third Reich weren’t just fueled by the minds of madmen and lunatics. They were fueled by drugs, namely methamphetamines, and the rapidly declining (mental) health of a man who had no ambitions but to be the most powerful and feared ruler of his century.

Ohler wonderfully pens the true story of the Third Reich’s rise. Its operations on the Western front and how it managed to outplay so many prominent European powers. All with the help of stimulants and opiates. His expertise bleeds through every page and his thorough effort to deliver an accurate depiction of every move and notion that defined Nazi Germany is as enjoyable as it was successful. From notable battles to private conversations and the intimate details found in the journals of powerful men of this time, Blitzed delivers a historical account of the Third Reich and its movements in World War II in a new and exciting way.

I found this book particularly interesting because at no point in my education had I ever been made aware of the role that drugs played in the Nazi domination of Europe. Not only that, but I had never heard the names of many of the most influential masterminds behind the Axis agenda – some who played an arguably larger role than Hitler himself. I found a deeper understanding of this regime that created so much tragedy and suffering in the world, even on its own people. Even if you’re fatigued from the overwhelming amount of literature and documentaries and superhero-infused films about World War II. There is nothing that should keep you from reading this amazing anthology of one of the most astounding epochs of our time.

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