The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

I don’t often pick up young adult novels anymore. Even though I still find some of the stories intriguing, I get a lot more joy out of reading memoirs or current affairs novels. I think I find them more inspiring.

But I had been visiting my family in Arkansas over the holidays and found this book in my old room. I remembered loving the first one (The Maze Runner) and had just never gotten around to reading the sequel. So, needing something to read, I finally started it.

It’s still as interesting as the first one and the plot of the story is just as gripping and odd as its predecessor but I can’t say it was equally as good. The relationship between Tom and Theresa is so disappointing and never reaches a place where I felt resolved or comfortable; even after the story ended. It turned me off of the series and if you really liked the first one, I’d suggest just imagining the ending you want on your own – it will probably be more satisfying. Or just stick with the films which I think do just as good of a job telling the story but have a little bit more satisfaction in their final scenes.

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