Making a World of Difference: Personal Leadership: A Methodology of Two Principles and Six Practices by Barbara Schaetti, Sheila Ramsey, and Gordon Watanabe

I had to read this book for class but it may have been one I tried to pick up on my own. In the last year or so I’ve started to really enjoy reading that allows me to think about myself and encourages emotional growth and maturity. While the title and layout of the book may not have enticed me so much at first, I have had it recommended to me before so I most likely would have found my way to it on my own.

The book is divided into chapters that emphasize the principles and practices that make up the PL (personal leadership) method the authors have developed. Each point is emphasized by one of 50 real-life stories told from the perspective of the people who experienced them. Sometimes the stories bored me but they are all short and relevant to the general message of leading yourself toward being the best you can be.

It has a very interesting approach to self-reflection and emotional awareness. While some of the practices suggested are really just expansions of meditation, they’re not bad practices to introduce into your daily life. If you’ve never tried to reflect on how your emotions impact your behavior and decision-making, then it may be a helpful book. If you’re pretty well a part of the holistic community that has sprung up to focus on meditation, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness, then it’s definitely old news to you; but you may find some new inspiration or gentle reminders within it. It’s definitely not for everyone though and I would really only recommend it to those looking for a place to start on developing intercultural competence and leadership skills.

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