Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio by Pu Songling

I initially read excerpts from this collection for a class I took on women and the supernatural in Chinese literature. It’s weird and very comprehensive in its own way. Each story is a unique insight into traditional Chinese culture but every story is its own variety of odd and intriguing. The illustrations are also a nice touch to the collection and are beautifully done (see below).

Dragon Dormant.jpgThe Painted Skin.jpg

Not a single story is boring and it’s such a convenient read if you’re trying to squeeze a few minutes in here or there throughout your day. (Some of the tales aren’t even a full page.) But there’s a sense of conviction in each tale that gives them an ambiguous authenticity.

DEFINITELY worth a read.

If folklore is your thing and you have some recommendations, share them in the comments or get them to me through the social media platform of your choice. I’ve received a lot of really great messages and recommendations for future reads during the last two months that I’ve been MIA and I would love to hear more!



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