F*ck Love by Michael and Sarah Bennett

The gist of Fuck Love is how to not be a terrible person in your search for and maintenance of a stable relationship. It also offers a lot of insight into how to spot the red flags in your potential (or current) partners and how to create the foundation for successful, healthy relationships.

I picked up this book after learning that my ex had been cheating on me for quite some time. It was definitely a purchase I would never have made otherwise because I usually shy away from relationship advice and books that have a lot to do with romance. However, I felt like I needed it at the time. I certainly had a small complex that made me convinced that I’d done something wrong in my relationship and that somehow I had been the solitary factor in my relationship’s downfall. Of course, I know now that this was not true.

The book itself can seem a bit shallow at some points but the overall message and most of the advice within it are things I wish I had been told a long time ago. Since picking up this book (I read it in pieces over about five months), I’ve found a new, loving, far healthier, stable relationship that I am so fortunate to have. While I wouldn’t give this book credit for that fact, I did find it relatable in all stages of my most recent relationships: tough breakup, being single, starting something new, and growing it into something great.

I would recommend it to anyone who feels that they could mature their approach to romantic relationships or who’s feeling lost in their love life. It’s not a book I flew through, but it is easy to read, insightful, and fairly timeless.

What books have helped shape your love life? Let me know in the comments below or via email/social media! (hollyandoates@gmail.com/@hollyandoates)

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