Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body by Jo Marchant

Cure is a fascinating book all about the human brain and how it affects our physical well being. The science behind it is incredible and each anecdote is thought-provoking and well told. I have never crossed a book quite like it.

Jo Marchant is a freelance journalist so it’s easy to see how she’s developed her magnificent story-telling skills. Her formal training in genetics and microbiology give her an edge when it comes to science writing but she’s dabbled in other fields too. The sheer amount of travel and investigation she did for Cure is enough to make it worth reading but the connections she draws between people and science make it a truly modern book.

If you’re not medically inclined, you don’t have to be afraid. Jo does an amazing job of weeding out the jargon and explaining away necessary terms. The book is so easy to digest, I read it in about four days. To be fair, I was traveling over this time period but that’s beside the point because I have a feeling the stories will entice you enough to breeze right through it.

I’ve recommended this book to many friends and have even passed it off to a good friend of mine. (This is notable because I really don’t like to part with my books.) I honestly don’t think I can sing its praises enough. Even if you aren’t deeply fascinated by science and medicine and the wondrous capabilities of the human mind, I encourage you to give this book a try.

Cure has sparked a solid excitement in me but I still can’t decide whether I want to pick up another book in the same vein of content or another book by Jo. If you want to help me decide, let me know if you’ve read any of Jo’s books in the comments below or by messaging me at!




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