Gumption by Nick Offerman

One of my favorite people (Nick Offerman) writing about his favorite people (Eleanor Roosevelt, Willie Nelson, Yoko Ono, and more). It’s in a word: fantastic.

It was a slower read for me mainly because I kept it in my bag to read in my brief periods of free time throughout the day. It’s great for that! The chapters are concise and the reading level isn’t too advanced; it reads like someone, Nick Offerman, is speaking directly to you.

It’s an odd type of book though. I certainly really liked it but I don’t think I’d just recommend it to everyone; though, it’s well written and interesting. It’s a great book for three types of people: those who like Nick Offerman and/or Parks & Rec, those who like to read biographies, and those who don’t typically like to read.


Oddly, this book has sparked an interest in a few memoirs and biographies. What are some of your favorites?

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